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WhatsApp account hacked! How to know

WhatsApp web offers various functions, but did you know that your account can be hacked more easily if you open it frequently on the computer?

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used Instant messaging platforms today.  Most individuals use it to stay in touch with one another. But while using WhatsApp, users need to keep certain tips in mind so that they would not face any issues and can safeguard their accounts. Certain approaches need to be taken by the users to ensure that their WhatsApp account does not get hacked and their messages are not read by anyone.

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One of everyone’s greatest nightmares could be their WhatsApp account getting hacked, not to mention how seriously their privacy is being violated. If your system is breached, that means an unauthorized party will now have access to all of your chats, media, and other kinds of private data. Even worse, they have the ability to respond to your messages and create uncanny situations.

Any electronic device can be remotely hacked in today’s world, owing to the vast use of the internet. Under such circumstances, it is also relatively simple to hack someone’s WhatsApp. One might not even be aware that someone else has access to their WhatsApp account. Find out how to determine whether or not your account is secure.

In case your WhatsApp gets hacked, making a backup copy of WhatsApp and updating it first will ensure that the recent version is always available to you. Then you must access the “WhatsApp Web” tab from the mobile application; it will show where it has been opened or logged in. The account is definitely being hacked if you see that you have logged in on an unrecognized device. In such situations, it is preferable to log out of all devices. Please be aware that when the app notifies you of the security code, it means someone else is trying to access your messages.

The best approach in the case of a hack is to uninstall the app from the phone, reinstall it, and paste the security code that was previously requested to the phone number you want to use to create the account with.

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