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Experience the All New Android L Dialer in Your Smartphone via ExDialer Theme

Prior to this I had informed you in one of my previous articles, how you can Update your Nexus 5/Nexus 7 with Android L Developer Preview. As you know that Android L is the forthcoming Operating System from Android which is assumed to stand the best in both features and look among all the before released OS of Android. Anyways, the OS is now in beta version & you can enjoy the developer preview version of the OS in your Smartphone which is available only for Nexus 5/Nexus 7 devices. 

Among the number of eloquent features and new UI, Android Dialer is one which is too enriched with features that you can never find neither in Android KitKat nor in Android Jelly bean dialers. But if you are a Nexus user and running the Android L Developer Preview in your device, then you must be aware of these features. However, the twist in the segment is that now you guys can test the new Android L dialer in your Android KitKat or Jelly Bean devices and that with a few steps. What you have to do in all is to download a free application called ExDialer Theme Android L from Google Play and follow the instruction mentioned below.

Below are the few steps that you need to follow to test the Android L Dialer in your KitKat or Jelly Bean handsets. No need to root your Smartphone device. Just you have to install the app and you are all done. Follow the few steps.

  • First of all open Pay Store in your Smartphone and search for the ExDialer Theme Android L application. You can also directly download the application from here.
  • Once found, install the app in your device. On successful installation of the app, you will find two new icons  “exDialer Android Theme” and “Dialer” on the home screen of your device.
  • Now open the downloaded application, select “Android L Theme” inside the app and click ‘Apply Theme’.

Great!! Now you have successfully activated the theme. To see the new UI, open the new dialer application on your phone. if you wanna further customize your new dialer theme, then go to the Settings page of Android L Dialer and do the necessary changes. Also let me know how easily you could manifest the changes and to what extent do those impress you?

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