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Improvising Video quality in Google Meet, Quick Tips

The world is going virtual and Google Meet has emerged as one of the most used Video Conferencing platforms. So the tech giant keeps adding new features from time to time to enhance the user experience. Now Google Meet has added a new feature using which the video quality can be significantly improved in the platform.

If you don’t know already, since beginning Google Meet has been using 720p video resolution since beginning to make video calls which now will be changed to 1080 pixels. With this the users will be able to communicate with their friends and family in Full HD video calls.

However, the users need to activate this video feature from Settings and today we shall let you know how. To enable this feature, you need An Active Google Account and and Active Internet Service.

How to enable 1080p mode

Google Meet now offers the users to activate this feature with a prompt at the top right corner while connecting to a new video call. But if this option is not available, then you can activate this from the Google Meet Settings.

  1.  Open the Google Meet website or app and initiate a new meeting.
  2. Then click on the Gear icon and open Settings.
  3. Click on the Video Option and make the following changes.

< Send Resolution: Full HD (1080p)

< Receive Resolution: Full HD (1080p)

Once these features are enabled, you will be able to create video calls in Full HD resolution. But the only condition is that the person in the other side needs to receive the video call in Full HD resolution.

Being Google Meet a reliable video conferencing platform, this feature will be a welcoming addition for the users. In case, you face any issues in activating the feature, feel free to ping in the comment section. Our team will try to help you out.

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