Creating a backup of all your YouTube Music Songs and Playlists, Quick tips

As you know music is there to solace your mind and it’s the source of happiness in gloom. It’s a form of expression to express your feelings and emotions. So we often listen to music and create playlists of our own. But have you ever thought what would happen if by mistake you lose access to the playlists, your Music account or decide to cancel your subscription? You might lose your peace of mind.

But luckily, if you are using YouTube Music, then you can create back up of your saved Playlists and download songs through Google Takeout. For those who don’t know already, Google Takeout is a feature that can help you download a slew of data points that include Google Photos, Gmail Emails and YouTube Music songs or Playlists. You can access Google Take Out by clicking here.

Now if you think what’s the need of downloading data from Google Takeout, then it’s for your peace of mind if someday you by chance lose access to your YouTube Music Account. In simple words it’s called data redundancy or additional back up of data. Now let’s see how to download all your songs and playlists from YouTube Music.

How to Download

  • First of all click here to go to the download data page in Google Takeout.
  • Sign In if you are already not.
  • Click on the Deselect All button under the “Select data to include” section.
  • Scroll down and select the YouTube and YouTube Music tab check boxes.
  • Then click on Continue.
  • Choose your Transfer destination.
  • Next choose the Export Frequency. You can choose once or in every two months for a year.
  • Choose the file type and size. .zip files are recommended with the largest possible file size.
  • Now click on the Create Export button.

Once you have followed the steps, you have to wait until you get a confirmation mail with the download link. According to Google, it might take hours or days altogether for the process to finish. But it generally take few minutes before you can get a confirmation over your mail id. If you select recurring backups, then you will get a download link in your mail id, every two months.

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