A Guide to DND and Call Blockers: JIO, Airtel &Vi

In India, annoying telemarketing calls and messages have consistently been a concern for mobile users but with these following steps you can prevent telemarketers, Read to know more!

In India, annoying telemarketing calls and messages have consistently been a concern for mobile users. The National Do Not Disturb (DND) registry, which allowed users to register their mobile numbers with the DND registry to prevent getting telemarketing calls and messages, was created by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) in 2010 as a solution to this problem. Nonetheless, despite the DND register, a lot of mobile users still get bothersome telemarketing calls and messages.

Mobile service providers like Jio, Airtel, and Vi have all implemented various steps to assist their users in blocking spam calls and messages in an effort to address this issue. Using a third-party call blocker app is among the best ways to stop spam calls. To automatically recognize and stop spam calls, these apps make use of artificial intelligence.

You may take a few simple steps on your own to prevent telemarketers from bothering you. By turning on DND on your number, you can stop all telemarketing, promotional, or spam calls and messages. This is how to activate DND on your number step-by-step:

1- On your phone, launch the default messaging app.
2- Create a fresh message
3- Type “FULLY BLOCK”.
4- Send it to the toll free number 1909 .

By doing this, all telemarketing spam calls and texts to your number will be blocked. Which includes-

  1. Banking/Insurance/Credit cards/Financial products
  2.  Real Estate
  3.  Education-Related Spams Health
  4.  Consumer goods/automobiles/Entertainment/IT
  5.  Communication/Broadcasting
  6.  Tourism and Leisure
  7.  Food and Beverages

Activating DND on JIO:

On your phone, launch the MyJio app.
Click on Menu.
Then, choose “Profile & other Settings.”
Choose “Do not disturb”
Choose “Set Preference”
Choose a preference.
Send a request to stop receiving marketing calls and texts.

Activating DND on AIRTEL:

Launch the Airtel Thanks app.
Click the “More” button at the bottom.
Click on Manage Services.

Hit the “Activate/Deactivate DND” button.
Press send after choosing the spam categories you want to prohibit.

Activating DND on Vi:

Launch the Vi application.
Next click My Account.
Click the “More Services” link.
Press the “Do Not Disturb (DND)” button.
Choose one from the available choices (Full DND, Block Promotions, Partial DND)
To stop telemarketing calls and SMS, click Activate.

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