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Android App to get Floating Sidebar and settings Toggles

onequick app

It seems mobile software developing very fast and quite multitasking in their ability. There are many apps that customize and enhance the daily use of Android device. And one of the app we have hand picked from Google Play store is OneQuick. One Quick app enhances the multitasking of the device with two gears. We have explained below and check out the downloadable link of the app in apk format.

OneQuick app has two features, one is sidebar that we all know about it and the other one is floating settings toggles. Let’s know about floating settings toggles menu. We can go to this menu by left of dock where the bar allows the app to access and choose to use the settings by user. Choose by tapping on the plus symbol on bottom to access the toggles setting anytime from system apps to third party apps. The quick bar actually works smooth, charming and fluidic.

You can simply toggle any major settings of your Android device with no access of the settings menu or extend fingers all the way up to the status bar to access the quick toggles. This is all about OneQuick app that polishes the UI and aims to maximize the multitasking of device. Check out the features of OneQuick app and rejoice the app by downloading from given link:

  • It supports both the world of smartphone and tablets
  • You get side bar and a floating window
  • It is user friendly
  • It allows screen auto rotation
  • It supports grind UI and list with customized settings
  • It is very handy

The app is for Android Froyo and higher version upto Jellybean. It will take around 615 KB to get download into the space and is available for free. If you want to download this app then download it from Google Play store otherwise download the apk file.

Download OneQuick from Google Play store

Download OneQuick android app apk (forum.xda-developers.com)

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