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Cloak Your Mobile with Burner!

Burner In Action

Concerned about your privacy? Want to call someone without revealing your personal number? From social networks to die hard hackers, everyone is busy invading your privacy. With the rising tide of phishing, spam and other kinds of cyber frauds, privacy is a vital wealth in today’s virtual world. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a number just as long as we want it and dispose off after use so that no one will ever be able to track it back? Well, there has been an app around there for this sole purpose quite a while.

Burner is a “privacy layer” for your iPhone or Android, providing disposable phone numbers at the push of a button. It is an app that can create a temporary ‘disposable’ phone numbers that hides your original number. It functions lust like a normal phone number provided by your carrier i.e., you place calls and send text messages to anyone as well as receive calls and messages, but after a certain amount of time they just dissolve away, leaving no trace of itself.

Temporary numbers are very ideal for many situations. At many places you may not want to give out your personal number to somebody but it might be a necessity to call or text him or her. Burner is perfect for any time you want to keep in touch, but may not want to give out your personal, private phone number. Temporary phone numbers are ideal for: dating, job searches or multiple business lines, buying or selling things on auction sites or other site such as Craigslist, OLX.in or Quickr, social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Foursquare, etc., and for professionals those who don’t want their clients to disrupt their personal life.

In addition to cloaking your number, Burner also provides a lot of other features. You can find a number in any area code, create multiple phone numbers, assign alias to numbers to keep track of its purpose, share your number via social networks or email, access your address book from Burner, Manage SMS and ringer notifications for each burner, View and manage history for all your burners, and most important thing “Burn” your disposable phone number at the click of a button which go immediately out of service.

Cost and Billing:

All calls from burner numbers are charged from your account and are as payable pre your carriers plan. Note that SMS are NOT charged according to the carrier’s SMS plans. Before going into deep use, we advise you to do check the cost incurred per call or SMS.

Burner is free to download and install. The app comes with a free sample burner that you can use for evaluation purposes which will remain valid for one day. After that you will need to purchase additional credit to create and use burners. Burner comes with many plans. You can choose the one most appropriate for you. The plans and extensions are charged as per credits that you can purchase for a price. A Mini Burner is valid for 7 days or 20 voice or 60 texts and uses 3 credits. A Standard Burner is valid for 30 days or 50 voice or 150 texts (5 credits). A Large Burner is valid for 30 days or 90 voice or 270 texts (8 credits). A Long Burner remains valid for 60 days or 75 voice or 225 texts (8 credits). Credit are available for purchase as bundles and are priced accordingly.

• 3 Credits = $1.99
• 8 Credits = $4.99
• 15 Credits = $7.99
• 25 Credits = $11.99

You can grab Burner for Android from the Play Store and for iOS from iTunes. A small advice, Respect people’s privacy. Just like you are cautious about your privacy, they are too.

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