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Apple watch launch date and pricing in India revealed

It is time for celebrations in India for the Apple iPhone users and Apple watch lovers. The much awaited apple watch range is to be launched on Nov 9.


Apple watch bears a rectangular retina display that comes in two sizes 42mm and 38mm (measured diagonally). The apple watch users can enjoy the force touch technology. You might ask what is force touch technology? Well, this technology senses and gives response according to the force with which you touch the screen. Apple Watch boasts a new Digital Crown for easy navigation on a small device. You can use the new rotary digital crown to scroll faster through lists and easily zoom in and zoom out. Isn’t that exciting guys? According to Apple the watch’s battery will last for a whole day and you can  charge it using magsafe and inductive charging technology. You also have the nightstand mode to save the fuel.


The watch features SIRI which enables you to control everything without much effort. You will get many watchfaces that can be personalized. Text your friends with customizable emoji or gestures, talk with the inbuilt speaker or transfer the call to our iPhone and enjoy viewing the photos with the photoapp and do much more with your Apple watch. The watch has got maps with navigation which helps you find your destination with much ease. Apart from these all your important notifications for incoming calls, reminders, mail and messages will be received on your watch.


This watch also plays the role of a fitness tracker. The watch is loaded with which track your activities and show you the way to a healthier life. For this purpose, the watch comes equipped with specially designed sensor that uses infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes to detect your heart rate. Your  day to day physical activities are measured with this sensor accompanied with the accelerometer, GPS and Wi‑Fi in your iPhone.6.


The most expensive model in the Apple watch series is the one with Gold Case and Modern Buckle and it will cost a whooping Rs. 14.2 lakhs. This variant is devised from 18-carat solid gold. Since gold is a soft metal which is remoulded by the engineers to an alloy twice as hard as standard gold.

The Apple Watch lovers can own the Sport variant by spending Rs. 30,900 for the 38mm Sport variant. The Apple Sport 42mm variant will cost Rs. 34,900. The Apple Watch Sport models are made up of  aluminosilicate glass. It has been made bolder and stronger at the molecular level through ion exchange. The entire range of bands will also be rolled out in India.

Those who wish to buy the Apple Watch with stainless steel case get own this at Rs. 48,900 with Sport band and the one with Link Bracelet can be bought at Rs. 95,900.  Apple has designed this watch with 316L stainless steel and cold forged it to make it very hard. You can own the bands by spending Rs. 3,900 for the Sport Band which is the lowest priced one.

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