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How to Safely Charge Your Smartphone and Extend Battery Life by Avoiding These Charging Mistakes

There can be certain charging habits that can have a negative impact on the battery of your smartphone. Read to know how you can avoid these mistakes!

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, and a reliable battery is critical for a seamless user experience on smartphones. However, certain charging habits can have a negative impact performance and life of the battery in your smartphone. The following are some of the most prevalent bad charging habits that you should avoid to save the battery on your smartphone:

Overcharging: Overcharging your smartphone battery might shorten its lifespan and cause damage. As charging your phone overnight or for a lengthy amount of time might overheat the battery and cause it to degrade faster, it is better to unplug it after it has reached 100% charge.

Not calibrating your battery: Calibrating your smartphone battery is crucial for maintaining its health and guaranteeing accurate battery readings. The battery can be calibrated by being totally discharged and then fully recharged to 100%.

Using a cheap charging cable or adapter:  Using a cheap or counterfeit charging cable or adapter can damage your phone’s battery, as accessories frequently lack the safety features required to guard against overcharging and overheating.

Not using the proper charging speed: While most smartphones have fast-charging capabilities, doing so too frequently will accelerate the battery’s deterioration. The manufacturer’s suggested charging speed is what you should utilize.

Charging your phone in extreme temperatures:  Exposing your phone to extreme temperatures while it is charging can reduce the life of its battery. A heated automobile or direct sunshine are not good places to charge your phone because they might overheat the battery and hasten battery deterioration.

Avoiding these bad charging practices which can significantly extend the life and functionality of your smartphone battery. Use a reliable charging cable or adapter, calibrate your battery frequently, and steer clear of charging your phone in extremely hot or cold environments. You can prolong the life and maximize the performance of your smartphone battery by paying attention to the advice in this article.


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