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Court discarded Apple’s plea against Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Apple & Samsung

The issue is familiar to all that the two preeminent Global Smartphone makers of the world are busy in rivalry in the on copyright issues of both Smartphones and tablets. But, there is no end to their rivalry and of late it’s heard that Apple lost its petition over a verdict that its adversary Samsung’s Galaxy tablet did not copy the iPad in a British court on Thursday.

The Court of Appeal discarded the plea of Apple on Thursday, saying Samsung did not replica the designs of Apple’s iPad to build its Galaxy Tab and remained steady on the decision stating, the Korean company’s designs were not as “cool” as the iPad.

Conversely, it is also a matter of relish for Apple to announce in journals, magazines, and on its website that the two designs are different and it’s a decision quite apart from that bequeathed in July. The three judges in the Appeal of court supported the ruling, saying its intent was not to “punish [or] … make it grovel [but] to dispel commercial uncertainty.”

In July Judge Colin Birss QC gave the judgment that Samsung’s tablets didn’t breach Apple’s registered design for the iPad and said, “They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design,” he said in his judgment (PDF). “They are not as cool.” But Apple was not satisfied with this decision and had petitioned against the decision of Colin Birss QC.

The appeal court judges settled that the comparisons made in look and design between the two companies’ products was enough that the “informed user” would consider them distinct. And so the judgment in the UK remained steady as made by a jury in the US, which decided that though a few Samsung’s smartphone designs violated Apple’s iPhone designs, but the Galaxy Tab tablets did not so for the iPad.

So, it was enough a decision for Samsung to welcome and Samsung did so also!

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