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Spyglass: An Advanced Data Visualizer for Windows


Windows users generally use windows explorer to view the files and folders which are stored in their hard drive. The interface of Windows explorer is not very attractive neither it includes any advanced options. If you find it boring and thinking of an advanced tool which can be used as an alternative of windows explorer. Here is tiny program for you.

Spyglass is a small but powerful data visualization tool for Windows that shows the space taken by various files and folders on your hard drive. It also has the features of a duplicate file finder. It lets you to view your hard drive contents more closely. When you install Spyglass in your compute you will be asked to select a folder or drive for analysis. You can drag and drop a folder or drive onto the program window or you can browse it through the program.

Depending on your hard drive speed and the amount of data the selected folder/drive contains, the analysis may take few seconds to several minutes.
The screen is divided into two parts, the left side contains a list of folders and files of the selected path, and the right side contains a circular chart with different colored segments. You can click on any section to zoom in and view the details. The middle of the chart shows a figure that helps you to know the currently selected folder size, by clicking this label you can also navigate up a level.
It also works as a duplicate file finder and displays a list of duplicate files in its interface which is by default sorted by name. You can even change the sort option to size, count or modification date. It provides three options: do nothing, delete the duplicates or move them to another location, you can decide what you want to do with the duplicates but move option is recommended. To switch to the duplicate finder, you can click on the files icon at the right most corner, and to switch back click on the circles icon present in the same place.
It is very small program of only 6 MB and compatible with Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 and Windows 8 .

Download Spyglass for Windows.

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