Microsoft’s to launch Windows 8 OS and Surface Tablet at midnight!

microsoft surface tablet

Microsoft, the biggest software troupe in the world, is setting up to launch its new Surface Tablet at midnight of 25th October in order to sustain its supremacy in the tablet market. Not only the tablet, but the firm is also planning to launch its new-fangled and most awaited dual operating system Windows 8, alongside the tablet. And as per reports, both the products are going to available in an array of pop-up stores in the US the very next morning, on October 26. Isn’t it great?

However, the most important thing to note in the new Surface tablet is the use of Windows 8 operating system i.e. intentionally inputted by the firm. It’s so because, Microsoft hopes, the new operating system will be a great challenge for the advanced Apple and Google products and will assist the Surface tablet users to reinstate their iPads and Windows 7 laptops with Windows 8 tablets. Rather, Windows 8 is the new concept which has been highly accpeted by the users in the tech world. We have already seen its popularity much before its release into the market.

And what reveals the Telegraph, Windows 8 is going to be the greatest discovery in the previous twenty years for Microsoft and its dual operating system is consisted of a mode that looks equivalent to Windows 7, and a tablet operating system, which takes a pew beside it. Though price of the Tablet is yet not confirmed, but what Microsoft had revealed earlier, kt’s going to be of a ‘competitive’ amount. That means the Tablet will be made available in Market by Microsoft, keeping eye on the grass-root users and the supreme.

The tablet is about to get released into the market in two diverse sizes and both will feature 10.6 inch HD displays and will accompany a stand to watch films or videos erect. So, it’s time to wait for October 25 midnight and watch a new revolution in the field of global technology.

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