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Be aware of Smart Devices, Google records Your Private Discussions

If you are of the thought that your Smartphones don’t spy after your private discussions, then be aware. Because Google gets your minute data via your Smartphone. Google itself has confessed that it records your private discussions and analyzes afterwards.

Records through Google Assistant

Google has confessed that it records the private discussions of users through its Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant, Google Assistant. Few days ago some dutch recordings of Google Assistant got leaked in Belgium’s public broadcaster VRT. VRT in its report climed that most of these recordings were done intentionally and Google also heard these recordings which includes private and sensitive information.

Smart Home Speakers ad Security Cameras also spy

Not only through the active Voice Assistant of your Smartphone, Google also records your voice via Smart Home speakers and Security camera. Google Home Speakers and Cameras record your conversation and send the clip to subcontractors, who transcends these files and use it to promote the performance of Google Speech Recognition.

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Google admits of Spying

Accoridng Product Manager of Googl Search, David Mannesej took to the official blog post of the company and said
Google’s language experts located across the globe listen to these recordings iin order to develop speech technology and enhance Google’s knowledge of languages. These language experts listen to these clips and help Google grow its speech technology. Google Assistant is a prouct of researches made out of such speech techonology.

VRT News claims that it took help of Whistle Blower to hear more than such 1000 clips which were recorded through Gooogle Asssistant. While some of these clips included perosnal information like searching of addresses, others included searching for pornographic content. Even one of these content included fight between a couple in which the wife was heard asking for help.

Though Google admitted that it only records and transcribes o.2 percent of audio clips for its purpose, but all recordings are not connected to user’s accounts and those don’t include any personal information. In the post, Google has also claimed that it does not transcribe the voices coming in the background to maintain privacy.

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It’s worth to mention here that before Alexa has been accused of recording the voice of millions of children.
A woman from Massachusetts has filed a case on behalf of a 10-year-old girl, in which Alexa is accused of illegally recording the voice of millions of children.

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