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Delete these Android Apps from your Smartphone, else you might pay heavy

Most of the Android handset users think it wise to install an antivirus app on their Android handset. It’s so because they think this app will prevent their handset from any malware or virus. So the first work they is to install an antivirus app on their Android Smartphone after purchasing it. But we must inform you here that nothing such happens in fact and these apps only consume your storage and even turn the cause of malware on your device. This was recently clarified in a survey report made by an Australia based Anti virus company AV-Comparatives.

The report conveys that most of the Antivirus apps available at the Google Play store is of no use. If the report stands true, then two third of the apps available at the Play Store is absolutely useless. For this report, approx 250 antivirus apps were included in the survey and out of 250, only 80 could pass the test to detect malware on handsets. Out of these 80, only 23 apps detected which are cent percent capable to detect malware on Android device.

In this survey Antivirus apps such as McAfee, Avast, Cheetah Mobile, AVG, Due Tester, Bitdefender and Google Play Protect were also included. During the survey these apps were installed into Smartphones and virus creating apps were also installed. Few apps in this survey were detected which just blocked the virus creating apps. It’s to be noted that all the Antivirus apps have the best rating on Google Play Store.

So we recommend the users not to use any antivirus apps on their Smartphones as it’s difficult to find out which Antivirus app works well and which not.

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