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Facebook introduces Dating Service, tests in Canada and Thailand

Facebook with an aim to takeover the popular dating sites such as Tinder and Bumble, first launched the “Facebook Dating” service in Colombia in September. Facebook introduced this service with an aim to make people meet in public with features such as user-integration with Groups and Events on the social networking platform. Best part of the app is that now Facebook has expanded the horizon of its dating app and has rolled it for testing purpose in two different countries i.e. Canada and Thailand.

But interestingly the Facebook dating app has new functionalities for the tests in Thailand and Canada. One of the best features among the new ones is “Second Look” which will permit the users to reconsider a previous decision, I mean to say if at any point someone is not interested to date, can pause the matching. This feature will be found in the main Facebook App only.

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Now probing into why Facebook has introduced this new feature, it has a couple of reasons. First of all, it will increase the user base by initiating more and more signups and secondly more and more users would get the opportunity to start matching.

Facebook started testing this app internally in August with its employees asking them to use fake data for their dating profiles and with the plan to delete all these data before making it ready for public launch. Best part of the Facebook dating is that it’s available for users 18 and above and is available completely free of cost, without any advertisement.

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So now it’s awaited to see when Facebook starts rolling this dating app for other users across the globe.

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