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Private your searches on YouTube using Google Chrome Incognito

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YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms (CMS) on the Web today. Millions of users across the globe have created accounts on the open source video platform today which allows them to upload videos that anyone can watch. Whether to watch new songs, trailers, movies or anything else, everyone tends to YouTube.

But have you ever marked, that whenever the next time you log into YouTube it suggests videos owing to your previous search? What this means? That means your IP is tracked and all your searches are tracked by YouTube. But have you ever thought how to get read of it?? If not, then you hsould start thinking about it immidiately as the restrictive serahces can put you behind the bars even. But what you will do to prevent your searches fro being tracked by Google. YouTube itself has fiund a way. Let’s have a look.

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Google has introduced its new app i.e the Google Chrome Incognito for the YouTube users to make their search convenient and private. Of course this feature is now available for Android users only, but soon it’s assumed to be made available for the iOS users too. The YouTube app on Android now in its new feature Google Chrome Incognito mode allows the users to browse videos on their mobile app without worrying about their watch and search history, that means their search history will not be tracked anymore.

The app was tested in May this year and is now being rolled to all Android users across the Globe. To use the Incognito mode, you just need to tap on your account avatar on the top-right corner of the screen and select “Turn on incognito.” When the mode is turned on, your avatar will be replaced by the incognito icon and you’ll see a thin black bar at the bottom reminding you’re undercover.

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When the incognito mode is active, you will be able to access the Home and Trending potion of the app and after the search done and you can go back to original YouTube page by turning off Incognito, after your search is over.


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