WhatsApp Forward Preview Feature being tested on Android

WhatsApp being the most successful freeware and cross-platform messaging App across the globe is dominating the market since long and being from the lap of Facebook it’s being widely accepted. So to meet the users’ expectation and bring the best to them, every other day WhatsApp is testing some new features and one such feature is the Forward Preview Feature which is in beta version at this moment and is being tested. Apart, two other features such as vacation mode and private reply feature is already on testing mode.

Now coming to the Forward Preview Feature from WhatsApp, it will facilitate the users to recheck and preview a text, image, GIF, video, or any other content before sending them to multiple users. By this, the users will be able to think twice and decide if they would actually send the content or not. They might rethink or even decide to retract from sending the content. Even they can add more people to the list of people the content will be sent.

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The Forward Preview Feature at first was spotted and revealed by WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo in the Android beta version 2.18.325. According to WABetaInfo, before forwarding anything to anyone, a pop up message will come out prompting for preview of the content, thereby making the user able to recheck it instantly before sending. But here we would like to let you know that the Preview massage will only appear if you send any item to two or more contacts. That means the feature is not applicable for sending anything to single user. The tipster also confirms that being this feature is yet to be launched and in testing mode, so it might not be available for all. So you might not see it even if you are running the said Android version.

One more feature i.e Private Reply was also recently tested by WhatsApp which allows users to privately massage a single person in a group without bringing it to the knowledge of others. This feature is now available for Android users with beta version 2.18.355. To reply privately to any user in a group you need to  tap and hold the message, there you get the three dotted menu at the right hand top corner of the chat window and from there the Private Reply option. Once you choose this option, a new chat window will open  in the form of a reply thread. There you can send the private message.

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So now it’s time to wait for the Forward Preview Feature from WhatsApp which seem quite interesting. It’s to be seen by when the Social Media giant is making it live for all.

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