Facebook’s New Policy, Will Delete any Post that might cause Legal Issue

Starting from October, Facebook is going to make some major Policy changes. Facebook is sending notifications to users across the globe regarding this policy change. The notification reads, Facebook will either block or delete any post in case of legal problem.

What’s written in the Notification

Facebook has started informing the users about the new policy change through a notification. The notification states, “If we believe that deleting or restricting access to one of your posts helps Facebook avoid adverse legal or regulatory effects, we may do so.”

To make the statement more clear, If Facebook assumes that any of your posts might drag the company into legal quarrel, then they will delete your post or limit its reach. The new policy will be applicable under Section 3.2 of Facebook’s service.

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What are the problems?

Post this notification from Facebook, lots of questions are popping up in the minds of people about this policy change. Many people want to know how will Facebook decide if any content will violate their norms or will put them into legal counterfeit.

In such situation, people are afraid that Facebook may delete any content by pretending it to cause legal trouble. Many people also believe that Facebook is trying to suppress people’s voice with its this policy.

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