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Instagram; How to download photos, videos, reels, and video from IGTV

Instagram is one of the most well-liked social networking platforms. Hundreds and thousands of people in this planet post millions of messages and stories every day. Through the preface of Instagram Reels, the social media platform has become even more popular with the user community. In case you love one of the content on IGTV then want to download it. So, in this article you will go through the procedure on how to download photos, videos, reels, and video from IGTV.

In the Instagram page there is lot to watch and that actually keep you up to date with your device by displaying endless advertising tailored to your interests. What is the problem with instagram? The problem is that Instagram does not allow saving any insta reel from the collection. The solution to this problem is third party apps and direct link downloader that will download Instagram posts, reels, live videos, and even IGTV videos locally on your phone.

Top 4 Instagram Live video downloader

Instake Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

Instake download photos, videos, reels, and video from IGTV

Instake is an Android application that allows you to download reels, videos, photos and videos from IGTV with one click. It is much better agent for those who always have to download posts from Instagram.

The program has a straight interface and is somewhat approachable. There are some irritating advertisements here and there, but that is understandable for the service it offers. Instake allows you to download any content apart from current live videos from public and private profiles.

The app also runs a video player that you can use to watch the video or scroll before downloading. You can download multiple videos and uploads at once, and even share them with your contacts and family through various social sites. Finally, the entire program allows you to re-edit everything you want, with the relevant points remaining at the initial post.

Download Instake from play store


KeepPost is another web service that allows you to upload photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos, and live videos from the IGTV. What keeps KeepPost the unique is its incredibly simple design and lack of advertising. This makes the experience ten times better than other advertising support services.

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The website has a gleaming UI. To download any content from Instagram, copy the link by clicking the three-dot button next to the song or reel and paste the link into the KeepPost address bar. This service also allows you to download multiple items at once.

Download KeepPost 


Insta Download is another way to download your preferred content from Instagram and save it on your device. Like Keepost and Instake, the service is an online application that has the flexibility to record any posts, video, reels and even IGTV video.

Once the creator has finished streaming directly using this service, you can download videos from Instagram. Similar to other web-based services on this list, Insta Downloader does not need you to sign up for an account. All you have to do is contact the poster or scroll to the box, and the website will do everything for you!

Download InstaDownloader 


Inflact is a great way to upload any content you find on Instagram. This includes photos, videos, rolls, IGTV videos, live videos and even other main demonstrations! The site has a very clean user interface, no pop-ups or weird ads. Because Inflact is a web application, you can access it from almost any device, whether it’s a Windows or macOS computer, an Android or iOS phone.

Download Inflact 

So, these four are the ways to download from IGTV Instagram easily. If you have your choice then do share with us.

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