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Now the Security Feature of Google Pay is Stronger than Ever Before

This date Google Pay is one the most commonly used Digital Wallet Platforms across the globe. The Search Giant Google has developed this Payment Method in order to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets or watches. And the best part is that now Google has made its security feature more stringent keeping eye on the thousands of payment transaction made every single day on Google Pay.

Name of this feature is Security Feature 2.100 version. As per this new feature, the Google Pay users can use Fingerprint or Face Recognition to pay Online. No more they need to use password for processing their payments. But this feature is only limited to the Android 10 users. And this feature is not yet available for the users in India.

Before, the Google Pay users were using PIN or Password for paying online. But with this new feature, the transaction would more secure, fast and better. It’s claimed that Google soon will launch this feature in the other corners of the globe. As we told, this feature is not yet made available for the Indian users. So still this feature is not rolled out in India, the Indian have to pay using PIN or Password. Also this feature is claimed to be made available for the Android Pie users in India.

How to Use this New Feature

To use this new feature, the users at first have to go to the Sending Money Section and then they have to choose Biometric Security instead of PIN. This feature will only be used for making Online Payment. But the users can’t make use of this feature for NFC Payment.

Before this also Google had also announced Safety Feature for users in India. After the new update of Google Pay, after every single payment the users would get notification with SMS. The company has announced about this update in its official blog post.

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