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Volkswagen’s 10 speed DSG box

It seems that the thirst for innovation and improvisation never ends for Volkswagen. Volkswagen is not satisfied with its current 6- speed and 7- speed DSG systems which are being used in many cars and are working well. It has started working for a 10 -speed DSG which will be used in both longitudinal and transverse engines. This news has come from Volkswagen development head Hans Jakob Nuesser after both Landrover and Mercedes had announced their plans about a 9-speed gear box for their cars.

The DSG gearbox is an automatic transmission system that uses two gear shafts instead of one. When the stick is put in the drive mode, the 1st gear is engaged by the first shaft and the second gear is kept ready by the second shaft which reduces the delay in shifting gears. When the second shaft puts the second gear in active position, now the third gear is made ready by the first shaft and this continues and thus the gear changing time is reduced to less than 1/400th of a second.

DSG offers two driving modes sports mode and normal mode. In sports mode the delay for shifting gear is more so that maximum power is extracted from each gear. The DSG can be operated manually by moving the gear stick forward or downward for shifting gears. DSG system requires less maintenance compared to conventional system. It offers smooth and hassle free shifts and ensures maximum comfort for the driver.

The new 10- speed gear box will increase the efficiency and reduce emission. It will be developed for handling high torque of about 500Nm and will have a double clutch system. We can now expect more high powered SUVs from Volkswagen in the market. Volkswagen has also announced a twin turbocharged diesel engine which be featured in the new version of Volkswagen Passat which is to be launched soon.

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