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Wife demands divorce to stay with PUBG Partner, First of its kind in History

All of you must be knowing about the PUBG (Player Unkown Battleground) mobile game. Who knows not how crazy peopleare about this game. More than 10 cases have already been registered against this game owing to different incidents and 16 people have been arrested. The special thing is that in Gujurat where DM has banned PUBG after 16 people were arrested, a woman asked fro divorce from her husband to stay with her PUBG partner.

This will probably be the first of its kind case in which someone’s relationship will break due to PUBG. The 19 year old lady who lives in Ahmedabad has demanded divorce from her husaband. She is also the mother of a 1 year tiny tot. For this, the woman has shouted for the help of the State Helpline Abhayam and has expressed her desire to stay with her PUBG partner.

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According to reports, the lady belongs to an established family. She is firm in her decision and says that there is no domestic dispute behind this decision. According to the Councellor, the girl got married at the tender age of 18 and soon beceme the mother of a baby.

As described by te girl, she has become addicted to PUBG since few months. Within this tenure she fell in love with a man from the same city and now both of them play PUBG together. Also they chat with each other while playing PUBG. Her councellor Sonal Sangatiya informed that she had shouted the help of Abhayam for this purpose. However, her family is not supporting this cause.

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The councellor further told that when she asked if there is any familiar controversy with her husband, she denied and told she wants to stay with the person who regularly chats with her. Apart, a familiar controversy also took place as she went closer to her PUBG partner every single day. This made her leave her house and stay at her father’s place.

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