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How to Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers and Thieves

Now-a-days Smartphones becomes the store house of our personal details like address, phone numbers, photos and passwords of our online accounts including bank account. So, we need to be very careful while using Smartphone otherwise all our personal can be hacked. So, in this article I have given some general tips to keep your Smartphone safe from hackers and thieves.
Be careful while downloading apps:
Be careful while downloading apps in your phone, some apps are designed to share your data with advertising firms. Even these apps can install viruses on your phone. Always read the comments and check the publisher before downloading any app in your phone. Always download the latest software updates for your apps, these updates generally contain bug fixes and security upgrades to protect your device.
Carefully access Wi-Fi:
Sharing personal details over a wireless network is always a risky matter. So, be very careful when you are accessing a wi-fi network in public place. You can set your smartphone to use limited wi-fi connections, and stay alert which networks you’re connected by default when you are in a public place.
Don’t Give Permission:
Whenever you install an Android app in your device, you have to approve a list of permissions. Don’t allow them without reading the entire list. If you find anything specious just cancel the installation.
Avoid Shady Links While Using Social Networks:
While using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, avoid opening mysterious links even though it’s from a known person. These mysterious links often result risk to your personal data or account information. If you fill that your can be hacked, then change the password immediately.
Moreover, install a tracker app in your Smartphone, so that you can track or remotely lock your phone if it is lost or stolen. Before selling your Smartphone back up all your data and then do a full phone factory reset. Hackers often use fake massages to access your phone. If you receive a massage from someone asking you to change your settings, call your provider immediately.
When you finish using any apps make sure you have closed it properly rather than just existing the data. You need to be extra careful while using any apps having sensitive data like bank account details.

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