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Now PUBG Game to be played in real life, Winner will get 90 lakh

You must be knowing about the PUBG mobile game. It’s one of the most played and most controversial games ever. This game has created much hullabaloo in India since it’s launch. People is many cities have raised voice against this game and demand for its closure. In such circumstances, one report comes that the game will be played in real life. This is of course shocking, yet it’s true. Let’s get to know in detail.

One website named HushHush.com recently made this announcement via advertisement. This advertisement is given by founder of the website, Carol Harpin. Harpin wants to organize the real life PUBG game in one of his private islands where people will fight in real. He has even started searching for players for this.

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This game will be played constantly for more than 12 hours and around 1 crore will be spent in it. Everyone can apply to be a participant in this game. Last date for apply is 22 April 2019. Final list of the Players will be declared on 10 May 2019. The company will sign the players at a contract fee of Rs. 40,73,469 for six weeks.

However, no player will die in this real life PUBG game because Airsoft guns and touch sensitive armor will be used as weapons. This game will continue for three days and the company will make all necessary arrangements for the players food and abode. The player who wins this game will be awarded with a hefty amount of 90 lakhs. In case of need, the players also will be provided with all medical facilities.

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