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Now auto delete Your Location History and Activity Data from Google Track Record

Google is master to track your location history and activity data every single moment. The Mountainview giant knows well what you search or wherever you go. And Google does it no matter you use Google Maps on your handset or not. But often Google might surprise you with a ping to write a review on a place you recently visited and this might seem much overwhealming as it rewards you in exchange for being a local guide.

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But conversely it wipes out the idea out from your mind that it keeps guard of you every single moment. The Internet giant does this in irder to provide its users with the best services ever, but for some people it might be violation of their privacy. Of cousre this recorded data by Google is accessible and can be restricted or be deleted permanently. But Google is soon going to introduce a new control using which you can set to elet your data autometically in a tenure of every 3 or 18 months. So let’s know about it in detail.

Just of late in its official blogpost, Google announced that it will allow users to choose the duration until which their search, location, and web activities will be logged and after they would be deleted autometically. Fo the time, Google has only fixed two periods, one is of 3 months and the other of 18 months. To activate this feature, the users have to opt for More>Search activity inside the Google App. Here uner the Web & App Activity option, users have to tap on Choose to delete automatically and the appearing window will guide you through the procedure.

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It’s worth mentioning that the data will be deleted permanently and will no longer be linked to your account. This might irritate some of the users who are quite possessive of their personal data. Till now the feature is not made available and Google says that it will roll the feature in the coming days. In the meantime, you can manage your history òr can delete items manually either by topic or by choosing one of the many time slots available. To do that choose the “Delete activity by” option from My Activity page from the hamburger menu on Google App.

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