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Few Easy Settings and Your Smartphone will run like Butter

These days you will find lots of branded phones with high end processors and enough storage space which takes your Smartphone experience to the next level. But if you have an old phone and it hangs times and again, then we have tips following which your handset will run like butter.

The first thing you have to do is to delete all unnecessary data from your Smartphone. Next you need to go to Settings > Storage and click on Cache Data. You must keep doing this at intervals to smoothly run your handset.

If you have unused apps on your phone then it is better to uninstall or disable these apps. Also you can transfer these unused apps to the external memory of your Smartphone, provided you have the option. This will free up space in your Internal memory. Also you can directly store in the External memory of your Smartphone while downloading the apps. To do so, go to Storage > SD Card.

Besides, make sure to store Songs, Videos, Pictures and any other data on the external memory of your Smartphone. If you choose external memory as the default storage space, then things by default will be stored it it.

Using Factory Reset is the ultimatum. When none of the said formats work to speed up your phone, you can Factory Rest your device. This will erase all unnecessary data from Websites, Apps and Browsers. But make sure to create a backup of the data on your Smartphone because factory reset will erase all data from your device. So make sure to save these somewhere else.

Along with the Smartphone data, you must also back up all Emails on Google or Cloud Drive. Once stored, the data will be secured for lifetime and you can download it whenever needed.

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