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All of you who is an iPhone user must be knowing that clearing cache on Phone is the hardest task ever. It’s so because the iPhone doesn’t have any system level cache clearing option. That’s why we have to find out different options which will make your device free from lag and also stable in performance. Some of them are clearing cache in Safari, Apps and making changes to the System level Settings.

Because Safari is the default browser of the iPhone, so clearing the browser will fix most of your cache issues. But in many cases also you have to clear cache from the apps to bring the performance of your device back. Now let’s have a look on the different procedure to clear cache from your device.

Tips to Clear Cache from Safari

At times the webpages might take pretty long time to load. In such circumstances, you might feel too upset. But clearing cache from the default browser of your device will sort this issue out. Let’s have a look on the procedure.

  • At first go to Settings> Safari and then tap on Clear History and Website Data.
  • Next tap on Clear History and Website Data.
  • To sort out issue on your perticular website then go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data.
  • At top of the device you will find the Search Bar. Search for the website you are searching in the Search Bar and o finding it swipe left and tap Delete to clear cache of that perticula website.

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Tips to clear Cache from apps on iPhone

There is no certain way to clear cache from third party apps on iPhone. While some apps like Tumbler has its own option of clearing cache, others don’t have. In such cases you yourself can clear the cache by deleting and reinstalling the apps.

System Level Options to clear Cache on iPhone

Above we told you about the options to clear cache from third party apps on your iPhone. Apart from this, there is also certain system level settings on your iPhone which will be much helpful for you to erase cache from your iPhone. You can make use of these System Level Settings without losing any data from your device. Now let’s have a look.

  • If you want to clear unused apps without data and documents stored in those apps, then go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. There you will find the Enable button next to Offload Unused Apps.
  • For resetting Settings that includes network, home screen layout, or keyboard dictionary, go to SettingsGeneral > Reset. There tap on the option that you want to reset.

Best way to make your device lag free is uploading the photos and videos to iCloud. By doing so you can also clear space from your device. This will also be too helpful for stable performance of your device.


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