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How to Message Someone Even After He Blocks You in WhatsApp

Today, WhatsApp is the most used app across the globe and it keeps pushing updates in order to make it user-friendly and and feature centered. This app is populrly known as the biggest instant messaging app in the world and we use it on order to chat, message and make a voice or video call. But sometimes it might happen that someone blocks you in WhatsApp for any possible reason or for no solid reason at all.  In such circumstance, you juts can’t find a solution what to do next.

Once blocked by someone, you can neither send him/her a messages, nor can call him using the app. But today we shall let you know a trick using which you can not only send messages to that person, but can convince him/her that you must be unblocked, because you want to talk to him/her. So let’s see how you can do that.

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But before that you need to take help of a common friend. Common friend in the sense, a third person who is friend of you both.  After that ask your common friend to make a WhatsApp Group and add you both.

Now starts the real game. After making the group and adding you both, the common friend needs to leave the group. Now only two of you would be there. Now you can message and talk to the person who blocked you and no one else will be there to disturb.

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