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How to recover photos if deleted from Smartphone

The recent estimation conveys that almost 4.5 billion people across the globe use internet every single day. Accordingly, at least 4 billion people must be using Smartphone this date. Often it happens that you deleted some photos from your Smartphone, but later needed it badly. But you don’t have any option left as you have deleted the photos already. But today we shall take you through a step-y-step guide following which you can recover the deleted photos to your Smartphone.

Use Google Photos

Every Android handset has Google Photos. Google Photos supports photo back up technology using which you can create backup for all your photos on Google Drive. But if by chance the photos get deleted from Google Photos, then you need not worry. Instead you should visit the Menu bar of the app and open Trash or Bin from there. There you will get all photos deleted within the last 60 days. Now select the photos that you want to get back on your Smartphone and select Recover.

How to Recover Photos Deleted from Your Phone Memory

If you have deleted photos from the Memory card of your phone or Android phone, then take out the card from your handset and then connect it to a computer with the help of a card reader. Then you can use any Recovery Software to recover the photos of your memory card. Remember, till the time you don’t copy any data to the empty Memory card, all old data remains in it. For Recovery, you must install the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your PC.

How to Recover the Deleted Photos from Android Phone

The best App to Recover deleted photos to your Android phone is DiskDragger. You can download this app free of cost from Google Play Store. Using this app you can also recover the deleted videos. If you want to recover any other document apart from Photos and Videos, then you have to pay for that. This software only recover photos that have not been corrupted.

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