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Bug in Google Pay deletes Bank Accounts Automatically

The biggest Digital Payment App Google Pay has faced a major bug. Due to this bug, the bank accounts attached to the Google Pay account is getting self deleted. Due to this bug, people face issues in sending and receiving money. Many people have  complained about it in their official Twitter handle.

SBI Account is Getting Deleted

As the users complain in Twitter, many people can’t see their SBI Accounts in the Google Pay app and Google asks them to reconnect their accounts to Google Pay. Most of the users facing this issue are the State Bank of India users.

It’s yet to be known if the issue persists in any specified version of Android, in all Android versions or also in iOS handsets. However, no iOS user has posted any complains yet.

It’s worth mentioning that by September 2019, the number of users in Google Pay had crossed 6.7 crore. In India Google Pay also surpassed Phone Pay in terms of popularity. Every year approx 7,82,000 crore rupees being transacted on Google Pay.

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