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Google works to make the Chrome Browser compatible with larger screen Smartphones

With the growing demand of giant Smartphones, the manufacturers have started focusing to manufacture larger screen handsets and hence users often need to use both hands to operate such Smartphones. It’s obvious, because if you are using a 5+ inch Smartphone and want to do any sort of activity in it, then you would obviously take help of both your hands. I am right? Another important activity everyone love to do with their handsets is surfing the internet. And the first browser name to browse internet comes into mind is Google Chrome.

But interestingly, though the Smartphones have already made themselves occupied wit larger screens, still date the browsers have not been adopted to the changing screen size. As a result users used to take on the browsing activities with both their hands in their Smartphones. But you will happy to know that Google has started working to make the Chrome Browser work easily with larger screen Smartphones. The touch-screen era that started with the iPhone 4s in 2007 has now has finally made Google think to work on a screen-fit Chrome browser.

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Android Police just discovered a new flag namely “Chrome Home” in the latest Dev and Canary builds of the Chrome browser on Android. Interestingly, enabling on the flag simply moves the URL bar to the bottom of the device screen creating a blank space on its previous position. From the blank space it’s assumed the feature is under development. But if you are really interested to enable this feature on your Android handset, then you have to paste the line paste “chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home” into Chrome browser and from there go to the highlighted Chrome Home Android menu, select Enabled, and then restart the browser.

But here we must say that this feature is only available for Android versions of Google Chrome and only on the Dev and Canary channels. So this features is only meant for the Developers and the early adopters who love to tweak their handsets at their own risk. But there is no information when it’s making way to the stable versions of Chrome.

So what you think? Isn’t it surprising to see Google suddenly act in putting the address bar and other functionalities of its browser at the bottom of the screen?? Of course, Google is not the first Search giant taking this step, but obviously it’s welcoming, I think. What you about it? Don’t forget to share your ideas.

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