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Dangerous bugs detected in Google Chrome, Don’t forget to update now

Google Chrome is the most used browser across the globe. So if you are also one of the users who relies on Google Chrome for day-to-day activities, then here’s a warning for you. You must update your Google chrome right away! This is because Google has recently discovered a dangerous exploit in Chrome which can turn fatal for your device. Google has confirmed that the exploit can affect Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

The exploit is active with two major security threats which Google confirmed in an official statement that reads, “Google is aware that an exploit for CVE-2023-2033 exists in the wild.” Google’s threat analysis Group identified this vulnerability for which a stable Chrome update has been released and users are recommended to update their browsers to the version number 112.0.5615.121. The update will be rolled to all devices gradually over the coming days or weeks.

Now if you think what’s the need of updating to the latest version, then just know that using outdated software significantly increases the risk of vulnerability to malicious acts or bugs. So updating to the latest version safeguards your device and strengthens the software to fight against reported vulnerabilities. Reportedly, the Google Chrome update (version 112.0.5615.121) is rolled to address patch browser vulnerabilities.

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Now let’s know how to update Google Chrome.

1. First open Chrome on your system.

2. Click on the three dots located at the top right corner of your browser.

3. Then click on Settings.

4. After click on About Chrome where you can see your browser version number.

5. If you see the latest version, then automatically it will get updated to the latest version.

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