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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors, Features, Specs, Price & Release dates

Just as summer precedes spring so does the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that precedes the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. With the release of the Note 3 the previous year, we also recently saw the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, a month or two ago. So it can be deemed safe to say that the Galaxy Note 4 is set to launch soon enough. Regarding speculations on the Galaxy Note 4, they look quite scanty, probably made so by the arrival of the Galaxy S5 which still is everybody talking about.

Galaxy Note 4 Release date and Price

A question that begs is when the Galaxy Note 4 will be released. At an interview with Bloomberg Samsung’s Mobile Executive Lee Young hinted about launching it around the third or fourth quarter of 2014. However, sources have reported of a release during the Berlin IFA show, while others even getting to the specifics by claiming a September 3 release. But with the last three devices in the Note series having been announced at all IFA shows in September, without conflicting rumors then this will likely be the platform that will see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

With nothing said about the price of the device, we can only speculate that since it is a premium device it will be fair to expect it have a price tag of around $800.

Screen Size and Resolution

The icebreaker, Galaxy Note 1 had a 5.3 Inch screen, then the Note 2 came in packing a 5.5 inch display and eventually Galaxy Note 3 extended it to 5.7-inches. Going as per this trend, we would expect that the Note 4 to feature a 5.9 inch display matching the LG G Pro 2 and HTC One Max.

With the resolution, a suggestion on Samsung’s website by a user agent speaks of a 2560 x 1440 QHD screen resolution for the Note 4, this would make logic since the LG G3 features this type of display currently and its only a matter of time and all phones will have such a display. And instead of a Super AMOLED technology that Samsung has perfected, they might adapt the new PLS LCD. Another possibility is the flexible display having a 3-sided screen that allows notification reading from the side.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Processor and RAM

Currently Apple claims to be the only handset manufacturer producing devices using 64-bit processors. And Samsung has confirmed working on such chip at the moment. Although a 64-bit processor was not featured in the Galaxy S5, it is highly expect to debut on the Note 4. Reports reveal that the Note 4 European version will have the all new Exynos 5433 processor from Samsung itself while other markets will get the Snapdragon 805 chip featured on the device. Due to powerful capabilities that Galaxy Note devices have, the size of the RAM is vital. Since the Note 3 featured a 3GB RAM, we expect the Note 4 to pack in 4GB of RAM and better graphical processor higher than the Adreno 330 GPU sported on the Galaxy S5 and Note 3.

Other notable features to expect is 16MP rear camera with a 2MP front-facing camera. The latest Android version probably Android KitKat with an addition of the Touchwiz interface from Samsung is also expected to feature. Plus, enhancement on the S pen and of course better battery performance.

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