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Steps to Unroot Your Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone

Yesterday, in one of my articles I had informed you how you can root your Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone devoid of loosing warranty. Post rooting, some of the users might desire to unroot their Xiaomi Mi3 device. Right? But how? Then this question must be hovering in your mind. But don’t worry. Today in this article, I shall lead you through the step-after-step guide to unroot your Xiaomi Mi3 device. To materialize the task you don’t need to download any heavy file or follow any lengthy procedure. What you have to do is just download an unrooting .zip file as per the version of your Xiaomi Mi3 device and make some manual changes in the Security App settings.

But before initiating the unrooting process you need to create an android back up for your Smartphone device since their is chance of your files getting erased. So create a proper back up. Another important thing is to choose the right version of .zip unrooting file for your device from the displayed three  Xiaomi Mi3 stable ROMs i.e. V15, V18 and V23. Now let’s take a look on the unrooting process of the Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone.

Steps to Unroot

  • First of all go to the Security App option on your Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone, open the Permissions tab and disable the Root Permission tab. Recollect? You had enabled it to root your device.
  • Now connect your Smartphone to your PC via USB and download the unroot.zip file from the displayed links at the end of the post as per the ROM version of your device. Move the file to your phone.
  • Next move to Settings=>General Settings and scroll down to open the About Phone option in your Smartphone device. From there select System Update.
  • Now select the update package from from your phone that you downloaded in step 2. Next click on Update and wait till your device reboots. unplug the USB when device restarts.

Your device got rebooted? Congrats! You have successfully unrooted your  Xiaomi Mi3  Smartphone to Stock ROM and now you can further upgrade your device with the newly released firmwares. In case of any issues, feel free to get back to me via the comment section. I shall try to find out a solution for you.

  • unroot v15.zip (http://goo.gl/o3KKZw)
  • unroot v18.zip (http://goo.gl/vQ5Ous)
  • unroot v23.zip (http://goo.gl/IIdQ64)
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