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Apple is planning to launch its own Search Engine soon, code-named “Pegasus’

Apple is in news to be developing its own search engine code-named "Pegasus". The search engine is assumed to stand as the biggest competitor to the search giant Google. Let's check details inside.

Apple has been in rumours to be developing its own search engine for several years now. The company is reportedly working on a next-generation search engine code-named “Pegasus” which is designed to be more accurate and relevant than existing search engines. Most importantly it might be a direct competitor to the world’s largest Search Engine “Google”.

Now question arises, why Apple is so desperate to develop it’s own Search Engine? These might be the reasons why Apple is planning to develop its own search engine. First, it would give the company more control over the user experience and the types of results that are displayed. Second, it would allow Apple to collect more data about its users’ search habits, which could be used to improve other products and services. Third, it would reduce Apple’s reliance on Google, which is a major competitor.

However, developing a successful search engine is extremely difficult. Google has been dominating the market share for decades and has invested a lot to maintain its supremacy. It’s unclear whether Apple would be able to compete with Google, even if it developed a superior search engine.

Though it has been rumoured that Apple plans to launch its own search engine in the near future, but there is no official confirmation yet. It is also possible that Apple never releases its own search engine, or might keep it confined to a limited number of products and services.

But it’s to be seen if Apple is really developing its own Search Engine and how dominant it will be in the search space.

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