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WhatsApp to Bring 3 different speed feature for Voice messaging in Android

Facebook owned WhatsApp to bring new functionality in its voice messaging service. The feature is to speed up the voice message to 2x speed. The playback is available with escalating the functionality but no news on slowing down the speed.

WhatsApp is a personal messaging app that only allows the individual to read and listen. Nobody else is permitted ever by Whatsapp. This is end-to-end encryption which is completely secure. Payments on WhatsApp are also available in several countries that enable to transfer between accounts. All the details shared are secured under high network.  As earlier we have discussed about the new feature called Voice Note Review which is under testing is sooner to appear on your Android devices.

However, the voice calling feature is available on other Apps too like Zoom or Google Meet, but Whatsapp is rather the simplest one. Talking to friends and families is entirely free. Only you need to pay for the internet service data and rest call in the entire world for free. Face-to face conversation through video calls is easy and now new feature is going to introduce. This messaging platform going to initiate the playback speed feature into its main app.

According to WABetaInfo, the app is coming up with the option to play the voice message at variable speed i.e. normal speed, 1x speed, 1.5 x speed and max up to 2x speed. These are done by tapping once to speed a little and tapping twice and thrice to speed up in increasing order respectively. The functionality of lowering down the speed is not confirmed.

Alongside, WhatsApp is also doing something for Refugee Nation Flag which is to bring the world to support the refugees. This is going to be in beta version as the update is coming soon or is out with version for android users. iOS user too getting the update with version If you found the update useful then do share your experiences with Blogzamana.


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