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Face WiFi problem on new iPhone Models? Here is how you can fix this

With the growing demand of Smartphones in the global market, people are getting more brand conscious and that’s why superior brands like Apple has started selling more products in the last couple of years. The manufacturer also has emphasized on meeting consumer’s needs and hence launched three new iPhone models named iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X. These devices have been much improved in terms of superior RAM, brighter display and the iPhone X boasts of the ever made chic and stylish device by Apple.

Despite all these newly added enhancements, many of the users complain about WiFi issue in all these devices. So if you are among the users who face such kind of issue, then we have a couple of solutions for you. You need to take a look on those below. But before that you must ensure that you run a latest version of OS on your iPhone. I mean you must check for any update if is available on your device. You can do that by going to Settings>General>Software Update section and install the latest OS if available any.

Force Restart your Device

Fore restarting your modern iPhones will not only fix the WiFi issue, also will fix other minor issues like app crashes, frozen keyboard, or frozen apps etc. But force restarting the device on the latest model of iPhones in somehow different. Let’s guide you how to perform that task.

  • At first quick press and release the Volume Up button of your device and then quick press and release the Volume Button.
  • Next just press hold the Slide Button till you see the Apple Logo.

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Forget and Reconnect WiFi Network

Forgetting the WiFi Network at times help you connect to the desired network. But it should be the second trial option. To forget a network on your WiFi Network, move to Settings >Wi-Fi, and tap on the network from the list that you want to forget. Once forgotten, you need to launch the Settings app, tap on Wi-Fi and rejoin the Network.

Reset Network Settings

This is a third option for you if the above mentioned two steps failed. By resetting your Network, you will remove all WiFi passwords and Login Details from your device. And you will need to start everything from the first.

To Reset Network SettingsSettings > General > Reset and hit Reset Network Settings. Once done, you can rejoin the WiFi Network on your device to see if the problem got solved.

Turn-Off WiFi Networking

Turning off WiFi Networking services on your device also at times fix your WiFi issue. Let’s take a look on the process.

  • At first launch the Settings app on your device Home Screen and after hit Privacy.
  • Once done, tap the Location Services and next select System Services.
  • Next Switch Off Wi-Fi networking to complete the process.

Disable/Enable WiFi Assist

Wi-Fi Assist is the ever made simple solution for iPhone Networking issues since the time of iOS 9. This functionality allows you to connect to the Internet even if you have a much poor connection. So if you have enabled WiFi Assist on your device, then restarting it. This also might solve your WiFi issues.

To do that go to Settings > Cellular and then turn off WiFi Assist. Next turn on the WiFi Assist again and connect to your desired network.

That’s all for the WiFi issues. It’s obvious that any of these steps will definitely solve your WiFi issues. Forget not to comment if this helped you anyway.

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