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NVIDIA to roll out Android 4.4 Kitkat OTA Update for its 2013 Shield Console

You mustn’t have forgotten the Shield Console launched by NVIDIA in July 2013, we think! The interesting fact is that NVIDIA is going to roll out the most recent Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the device starting from 2nd April (the following week). The report was ensured by the manufacturer itself through its web blog. This is an OTA update and will accompany all the KitKat goodies along with bug fixes and improvements for the shield.

nvidia shield

Casting light on the forthcoming update, NVIDIA wrote “Since the launch of SHIELD, gamers have wanted to play their PC games outside the home. With the upcoming software release, we are making that a reality with remote streaming support – coming in beta. For complete remote access to your PC, we’ve built in wake-on-LAN support to allow gamers to remotely wake their PC from sleep mode and remote login support to let you log into a locked PC from SHIELD”.

What the inside reports reveal, the update is gonna bring some major improvements in the shield. After the update who will get most benefited will be the Shield gamers who will be allowed to play their PC games in their HDTVs console mode after pairing it with their shield. The Shield gamers will also be permitted to stream games from a GeForce GTX-powered notebook PC, including all GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M and select GTX 600M GPUs.

Besides, NVIDA has also added TegraZone and GamePad Mapper apps with the improvisations in the user interface which will assist you to track a game only with a tap over the NVIDIA button built on the Shield. Besides, now the Shield comes being supported with over 100 PC games so that you will be able to choose a game of your choice for having an enhanced HD gaming experience.

So, what you think guys? Is not it exciting to play your console games in your HDTV? What you think then? Are you desperate for the update? Ask us? Of course we are.

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