Google: Restricts Account Sign-in on Android 2.3.7 OS Devices further

September 27 is the last date if you could sign in to your device after that; you may receive a username or password error. Android users using version 2.3.7 on their device when trying to use Google products and services (such as Gmail, YouTube, and Maps) will not get the access further.

If your device can be upgraded to the latest version of Android 3.0+, we recommend that you do so to maintain access to Google Apps and Services for that device. The company also stated so because sooner its gonna ban android 2.3.7.

Android 2.3.7 was only just released 10 years ago. And now it has become old enough to support highly efficient games like pubg or Fau-g. I think Google has taken a right decision of withdrawing the oldest os from the mobile world. If Google Account sign-in support for android 2.3.7 and above is turned off, users will receive a username or error message when they try to sign in to their device or add an email account or calendar.

Google recommends: “You can sign in with a newer version of Android (3.0+). If your device can be upgraded to a newer version of Android (3.0+), we recommend that you do so.”

If you can’t update your device to a newer version of Android (3.0+), you can try signing in to your Google Account on the device’s website.

How would you check your Android Version?

It’s too simple, just open the settings then tap on system then advanced and the system update. See your Android version and the security patch level. If your device is running on Android 2.3.7 and update is showing then do upgrade it. If it is not then I’m afraid you need to dump you device today itself. Well, you can get a new device as they are so affordable and put negligible pressure on your pocket. Check out our website for budgeted device that comes under 10k or 20k as android 2.3.7 banned by google.

Only advice for you to  upgrade your android device to honeycomb or higher, sooner or later avoiding yourself putting into dilemma of throwing your old android or not. Stay connected to bogzamana for more updates from Google.

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