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How to Display more Apps in Windows 8 Store


If you are a Windows 8 user you must me familiar with Windows Store, it is a digital distribution platform that includes certified desktop applications to run on Windows 8. Windows Store contains apps in various languages and localizations. While installing Windows in international language, Windows prompts you enter your country or region, and according to your country or region you will get apps from the Windows store while users from other country or region will get another set of apps from the store. This system is called localization. I don’t understand why this localization. But I’m sure many of us are not satisfied with this limitation of Windows store.

To get rid of this localization feature you can change the language and get more apps from the Windows store. But it is always not a good idea to change the language and get new apps. But fortunately there is a setting in Windows 8 which enables you to visualize all apps in the store, except the specially banned apps for your Region. You can disable localization in Windows 8 to access all Apps available to you. To disable localization you have to modify the preferences.

follow the steps to modify preferences:

  1. Open the Windows store.
  2. Open Windows Charm and click the Settings while you are in Windows Store.
  3. Click on Preferences.
  4. Set the Make it easier to find apps in my preferred language option to NO.

Close the settings and go to the Windows store. Search for your desired apps, now you will see more apps in the Windows store.
If you want to access new apps stored for a particular region or country, you can change the operating system language to get them in your computer. To change the OS language you can do the following:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Go to Clock, Language and Region and click on Change date, time, or number formats.
  3. Click on the Location tab.
  4. Select a different location.

Now open the store, you will get a different set of apps available in the store.
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