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How to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Smartphone-3 Methods

We take free screenshots on our smartphones and laptops, it’s a quick way to share the content of the screenshot or save it for future reference. There are many ways to take a screenshot, and some of them are large and wide, some of which may be specific to some devices. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, here’s how to take different types of screenshots. So you can choose the most suitable way for you. These instructions will work on all Samsung Galaxy devices with sophisticated foldable phones such as Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Galaxy Z Flip.

How to take a Screenshot using the Buttons on your Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy runs One UI, which is a special Android theme. So a simple key combination that can be used to take screenshots on all Android smartphones. To take a screenshot using the physical- button on your phone:

  • Press the power key + Volume down at the same time.
  • When you release the buttons, the screenshot will be taken.
  • After you take screenshots, the Samsung Galaxy phone will provide you with a toolbar where you can share, edit, add notes, and if you have a long text, you can even navigate using the screens. Use these options as needed; otherwise, the screen will be saved to your gallery.

How to take a Screenshot using Gestures on your Samsung Phone

Samsung phones include some software features such as Samsung’s Smart Gesture nifty performing certain activities while running the custom interface. Let’s take a screenshot of the gestures. Let’s see how you can make it work –

  • Go to Settings on your Samsung phone and scroll until you find the Advanced Features option.
  • Select it when you find another option to choose from is called Motion and Gestures.
  • This feature is useful for taking screenshots while sitting at your phone’s desk, and it’s not very suitable to use combination keys. If you want to take multiple screenshots quickly, this will make your job easier.

How to take a Screenshot using Bixby on your Samsung Phone

Here are some neat strategies you can consider before considering Bixby as superfluous and unnecessary. Well, at least a little. You can use the Bixby Voice app for screenshots of your Samsung phone, which is handy when you have your hands free. How can it be done?

  • If your phone does not have Bixby and voice mail, you should first go to the Bixby app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When done, you can long-press on your phone or ask Bixby to activate it by saying, Hey Bixby.
  • Say take a screenshot and Bixby will capture the contents of your screen.

Did you found it easy to take screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy phone? You can use all of these methods to do it right. There are special guides to help you root your smartphone, including Galaxy smartphones. So, if you are interested take a look at our pages here in Blogzamana.

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