World's First Flying jet suit

British firm Gravity has been awarded the world’s first patent for a “jet suit” which the company claims is the first across the globe. As claimed by the company, wearing this the users can fly at a speed of 89 kilometers per hour. The company makes use of a special kind of flight system supported by a multi-gas turbine engine which enables a man to fly. Capacity of the turbine is 1000 Brake HP and it can fly up to 8 minutes at a time. This body controlled jet engine patent was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2017 for attaining the fastest speed.

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Already Demonstrated in 20 Countries

Gravity Industries, manufacturer of this body-controlled jet engine power suit had filed its patent and the Intellectual Property Office at London has approved it. In report it’s mentioned as a wearable flying system. The company in its official documents has mentioned this suit has been inspired by the Marvel Studios’ Iron Man character and his use of a wearable flight system which utilizes propulsion units worn on the hands.

Company’s founder Richard Browning so far has demonstrated the suit in more than 20 countries across the globe. Browning wants to launch a series of this flying suit for his team so that the entire team can fly with it.

The company says that it will launch the race series of this flying suit in mid 2019. The company also has initiated a project for this in one of the schools of London based on Math, Science and Technology. Now the company aims inspire innovation and creativity.



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