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It’s Motorola’s turn next to Google and LG!

moto 360

Got astonished? Might wonder what turn we do talk about! In fact the turn is all about Motorola’s official announcement on its forthcoming Android wear Smartwatch, the Moto 360. The announcement which Motorola did just an hour ago is adjacent to the revelation of the G Watch made by LG and prior to that the announcement that Google made to put steps on the wearable segment of Android devices. In concern to that Google even introduced the Android wear, a lightweight Android version apt for wearable devices.

While lots of smartwatch like the Tizen-powered Gear 2 & Gear Neo have already been available in the market, the recent briefing on the Moto 360 showcased by Motorola make it stand apart from that of others. While the awesome features like the “OK Google” functionality and transformation feature of notifications from other Android device to your Smartwatch makes the hand watch absolutely distinct, the round display makes it look quite alike to that of Movado’s traditional watches. Apart, its premium materials those are supposed to have been inducted from that of the sporty MotoACTV smartwatch of the Chicago based company manifests its outlook to many extent.

Of course there is not much revelation on the other features of the device from the manufacturer, but they promise to make it land in the markets this summer. Now it will be really interesting to see, how Google who has already partnered with a number of companies for shaping its wearable device in the superb rank, tackles the situation. By far undoubtedly, the Moto 360 rules over the market with its gracious appearance and we shall not lose patience to see what OEM Google will implement in its forthcoming smartwtach to excel this outstanding innovation by Motorola.

Do you have any prediction guys? Don’t hesitate to share.

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