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Android Wear APK for Moto 360 is available to Download

Android Wear APK

It’s only on the previous day we had informed you about the forthcoming wearable device from Motorola, the Moto 360 and now we have come up with a relative stuff for you, the Android Wear APK which you can utilize to experience the Moto 360 Smartwatch UI. The Android Wear APK is undoubtedly a fantastic medium for the users  who desire for more sophisticated data rather than regular notifications. And before also we have informed you that Google has announced to step into the Wearable device segment soon and on that end it has  already made the developer preview available for the users.

But to make the features of the Android Wear OS more familiar with the users, Google has launched the APK file of the Android Wear Preview Launcher which you can download right now on your Android device can try out its sultry features. Reportedly, the preview launcher is going to be seen adorning the round display of the Moto 360 which is gonna hit the floor by this summer. In its most adorable features, the launcher includes a number of fabulous icons along with the weather icons from sun, moon, clouds, rain and all that can clarify the present weather condition. Apart, the other icons include music controllers, clock, call, alarm, message, hangouts, directions and many other things which you can experience only after having a preview of the same.

The file is  named as com.google.android.wearablepreview.app-KKWT-1077241.apk and it measures almost  3.79MB (3,980,878 bytes). You can download the APK file by Clicking here. One thing must be clarified here is that the OS is meant only for Android 4.4 and later versions. So, if you have an android version below the said version since its wastage of time. The other important thing is that the voice command function is not working in the preview, but it’s supposed to be the functionality that Google wants to launch with the Operating System.

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