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Steps to Root Motorola Moto E Smartphone

Motorola, one of the leading and the oldest mobile manufacturers in the global scenario has bagged rave reviews amidst users for gifting them the most price-worthy and eloquent mobile device segments amongst which the Moto E Segment is substantial. After the successful introduction of  the two popular Moto segments i.e. the Moto G & Moto X, the manufacturer decided to launch this tiny masterpiece in the Indian market to win the heart of countless Moto loves. So when now this handset is already in your hands, then its time to root your device to bag all other facilities like getting root access to your device and installing the Custom ROM. In one of my previous articles I had let you know how you can unlock the bootloader in your Moto E device and now in this article, I shall guide you through the rooting process. But before initiating the rooting process, you need to take a look on the pre-requisites dubbed essential for the process. So let’s have a look.

Before that make sure that you have ample knowledge on rooting. ‘Coz BlogZamana will not remain responsible for any sort of damage that might occur to your device during the rooting process.


  1. Motorola Moto E Smartphone. Ensure that the bootloader of your Moto E Smartphone has been unlocked.
  2. Computer (Windows XP or Windos 7)
  3. Original USB Cable
  4. Make sure that all the data such as personal SMS, videos, photos, contacts, call logs, files or any apps present in phone must be backed up immediately.
  5. Charge up your device and it must not be less then 60% otherwise it will shut down automatically during the rooting procedure.
  6. Enable the USB Debugging by settings> application >development and tick out the USB Debugging box. Do not forget to untick when the rooting is finished


Tutorial to Root Motorola Moto E Smartphone

  • First of all download the mfastboot package and use it to unlock the bootloader in your device, if you have already not done the same while unlocking bootloader in your Moto E.
  • Then download the TWRP Recovery image and place it on the desktop of your PC. Then download the SuperSu app package and place it on the root folder of your device.
  • Now connect your handset to your PC via USB and then move your device into bootloader mode by long press and hold of Volume Down+Power Button. The device will take 6-7 minutes to reboot.
  •  Now press Win+R and choose cmd and enter to open up the command prompt. In the cmd give the following command and hit enter.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  • After press the Volume Down button and select recovery on fastboot menu to move your device into recovery mode. Now you might see a blank screen on your device or it mightn’t respond to your touch for a few seconds. But nothing to worry.
  • Now press the power button on your device and swipe unlock to make your touch pad work.
  • After select install and choose the SuperSu file that you had placed in the root folder of your device and follow the instructions on screen to install the file successfully.
  • Up next reboot your device into normal mode. In case your device struck in bootlloop situation in the interim, follow this article to come out of it.

That’s it! Now you have successfully rooted your Motorola Moto E device. In case, you find any issues in the rooting process, get by to me in the comment section and I shall get back to you with an accurate solution.

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