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Android to iOS and iOS to Android eSIM transfer to happen soon!

The biggest challenge of eSIMs is transferring them from one device to another, however, this issue may soon be resolved with Google's new eSIM transfer support for Android devices, Read to know more!

With the increasing popularity of eSIMs, it is clear that they are likely to be the future of SIM cards. Although only a few smartphones currently support eSIMs, more devices are expected to start supporting this technology in the near future. One of the biggest challenges faced by customers with eSIMs is transferring them from one device to another, which requires the help of a telecom operator. However, this issue may soon be resolved with Google’s new eSIM transfer support for Android devices.

Eventually this year, Google plans to release an update that will allow the transfer of eSIMs from one Android device to another using the global standard developed by the GSMA. Deutsche Telekom is one of the first adopters of this technology, and Pixel 7 owners on their network will be the first to benefit from this experience. Other telecom operators are expected to follow suit and adopt this eSIM transfer support.

This technology will mostly work with the newer version of Android that Google will unveil later this year, likely Android 14. With the convenience that this facility brings, it is expected that more and more consumers would choose eSIMs as their preferred SIM in the future.

It will be interesting to see if such a feature will also be built for Android to iOS (and vice versa) eSIM transfer in the future. In many countries, iPhones are now only eSIM-supportive, with one physical SIM slot and another eSIM slot. The ability to transfer eSIMs between different platforms would add even more convenience for consumers in the future. The world of eSIMs is evolving quickly, and it is exciting to see what new developments will emerge in the future.

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