Airtel’s 5G Campaign Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity: Target Aspirational Youth

Airtel's unlimited 5G data offer is available to all postpaid customers and prepaid ones with data plans of Rs 239 and above, Read more about its new campaign and offers!

Indian telecom giant Bharti Airtel has recently launched an unlimited 5G data offer to retain its postpaid users. It also encourage its 4G users to upgrade to the company’s new wireless broadband service. The move is a response to the latest postpaid plans announced by its rival Reliance Jio earlier this week. Airtel’s unlimited 5G data offer is available to all postpaid customers and prepaid ones with data plans of Rs 239 and above.

Airtel’s 5G Plus service, which offers up to 30 times faster speeds than 4G, is currently available in over 270 cities across India. The company’s marketing campaign for the new service features a young woman who experiences the benefits of Airtel’s 5G services. The protagonist represents the target consumer of the campaign – the aspirational youth of the country. The campaign is centered around the brand’s visual cues like the color red and the Airtel Wave.

Airtel is using multiple marketing touchpoints to promote the new service. It also includes TV, out-of-home, digital, and experiential outreach through its stores. The company plans to use the Indian Premier League as a marketing platform for television. But the details have not yet been revealed. Media planners estimate that they will spend between Rs 240-280 crore on marketing during IPL, with a focus on 5G marketing.

Apart from the target audience representation, the company’s new brand refresh replaces the previous visual cue, which had the word Airtel in red, with a red swirl known as ‘the Airtel Wave.’ This visual cue resonates better with consumers as the company diversifies its services beyond just being a telecom connectivity provider.

To engage customers further, Airtel will create touchpoints for the customer’s purchase journey. It will also create demo centers for 5G at its stores over the next year. Currently, Airtel has around 1200 stores across the country.

In conclusion, Airtel’s unlimited 5G data offer is a response to its rival Reliance Jio’s latest postpaid plans. The company is using various marketing touchpoints to promote its new wireless broadband service. The visual cues used in the campaign are part of the company’s brand refresh, which aims to resonate better with consumers.

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