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Wanna avail Spotify Premium for free, here’s how you can

Spotify recently offered new and existing users in India a promotional deal where they could obtain four months of Spotify Premium for free, Read to know more!

The well-known music streaming service provider Spotify recently offered a promotional deal to the new and existing users in India in which they could obtain four months of Spotify Premium for free. Users had to set up auto-payment options with credit cards, debit cards, or UPI in order to take advantage of the offer, which was accessible on both Android and iOS smartphones. Users would pay the standard Rs 119 per month beyond the initial four months to continue using Spotify Premium.

Regrettably, the offer expired on March 9th, so those who missed out can look forward to future promotions. However, Certain clients on the app can purchase Spotify Premium for a discounted price of Rs 299 per year. In order to collect users’ feedback, Spotify routinely conducts special deals.

When customers bought smartphones during the Great Indian Festival sale last year, Amazon gave them six months of Spotify Premium for free. But, this deal was only valid for Spotify Premium’s newest subscribers. Early this year, Spotify offered this service free of cost to the new customers who downloaded the app and signed up for a Student or Individual subscription.

Those who purchase specific Samsung handsets right now also get three months of Spotify Premium for free. This makes it possible for new Samsung smartphone owners to receive a total of seven months of free access to the Premium service when combined with the prior promotion. Users who have already subscribed to the promotion can avail this offer.

This offer follows a directive from the RBI requiring customers to reconfirm auto-pay mandates, which are frequently utilized for platform subscriptions like Spotify. Spotify wants to attract more consumers with this deal and encourage them to set up auto-pay settings so that they can take advantage of later promotional offers.

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