Apple iOS 8: The best 6 Features that Make it Substantial

Apple launched the much awaited iOS 8 OS the previous week to meet the astounding crave of Apple lovers and as you must have been aware, the OS is specifically meant for the latest iPhone and iPad devices. However, you can also integrate it in your previous Apple devices, but keeping the fact in mind that your device has ample memory to meet the OS requirements. Anyways, it’s a week since the OS has gone on floors and it’s time to analyze its outputs. Frankly to say, the iOS 8 to many extent has failed to meet the customer satisfaction. I mean, the comments that we found in the forums and interaction pages ensure that iOS 8 is not that much versatile as expected. some complain if it looks exactly like iOS 7 and is not instantly apparent like all the new features it pack.

Then it’s genuine to wonder, why to go for this update? Don’t worry. A new update is there means there must be some improvised and incredible features and that’s what you will also get in the iOS 8. Today in this article I bring you the six most compelling features of the iOS 8 which you will love to anatomize and utilize  too. And these features for real reasons will make your iOS kno-how more tranquil we think. So let’s have a look on these benevolent features.

Third Party Keyboards

The first in the row is the Third Party Keyboards. It’s perhaps after a long time that you will see Apple has loosen it’s grip on Keyboards. That means, now you can install replacing keyboards offered by third parties. And you know better what’s the benefit of using the third party keyboards. Android at this time has the largest support for the third party keyboards and these third party keyboards definitely assist users to enter text in their preferred tune. So now the facility is available for the iOS users and they can make best out of it we hope. For example: Swype, a most demanded keyboard is now available only for $1 which you can now install in your iOS 8 supported devices. To do that you have to go to Settings>general>Keyboard>Keyboards>Choose options and can add a New Keyboard. Using the Globe icon you can switch from the existing keyboard to the new keyboard and vice versa. However, you can’t use the convert text to speech feature while using the third party keyboard. to use the feature, you have to get back to Apple’s original keyboard.

Multitasking Email

Well, users who use iPhone for emailing must have been frustrated because using iPhone for email is one of the boring tasks ever. Because in other Operating Systems of iOS, when you open a massage in your inbox you have to first close it to open another massage But in iOS 8 you shall have this problem no more. Because in iOS 8, massages are just like new windows you have to just swipe down the massage to minimize it so that you can go to the inbox to open another massage. Isn’t it useful? So now you can open the massage as per your acquirement from the bottom of the screen.

Interactive Notification

In iOS, Notification center is the point where you get notification about massages and different alerts. Prior to this you had to open each app to act on those notifications. But now the Notification center has become interactive, that means now you can instantly act upon any massage just after sliding it to left and devoid of going to the exact app that the notifications came from. So now you can text back, snooze, dismiss or delete any massage right from the notification center without moving to the specified app.

Touch ID Open to Third Parties

This option is quite fruitful for the iOS users. In other Operating Systems, the Touch ID options was confined to only to iPhone unlocking and iTune purchases. But now it has turned broad. That means now the Touch ID is open to third parties. That means now you can you can use this feature for purchasing apps. Of course for the time the number of compatible apps is counted such as Evernote, E*TRADE, Mint and LastPass etc. But in future you will be able to avoid entering password in a number of apps and services in your iPhone. So definitely you can count this service in the long run.

Advanced Siri Feature

Siri is a feature that’s quite useful for every iOS user. Of course this feature can not discovered by your own, neither much people talk about it. But the interesting fact in iOS 8 is that Siri has become hands-off. That means, you can now use it for locating your device if it’s misplaced somewhere. Generally this feature remains turned off in many devices and hence doesn’t come to the limelight. But you can examine it by calling “Hey Siri”, when your device is charging and Siri will instantly get up to your call. You can turn this feature on just by going to Settings>General>Siri>Hey Siri. Keep in mind to put your question instantly as Siri wakes up to your voice. Else it will time out and will greet you simply. For a time, this feature was also used in some of the Android Operating Systems.

Battery usage Data

The last but not the least feature in the array is the Battery usage data. The new iOS 8 feature allows you to properly examine which apps or programs in your device drains much battery . To check out the same visit Settings>General>Usage> Battery Usage and you will get a list of the apps that uses maximum battery in your iPhone with the percentage used. Also in some cases some of the apps will give you a valid reason why they are making use so much of power. This feature assists you to manage the battery power of your device properly.

So what you think guys? Isn’t this iOS somehow useful to the users. I think some of you must have been updated your device with the new iOS already. So don’t forget to share your experience with us and definitely let’s know if you liked it.

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