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Andy Rubin New Company “Essential” to Launch $30 Android Smartphones

Android founder Andy Rubin re-entrepreneurially focuses on high end devices. And to this it is reported that Andy is setting up a new venture of AI with a company named “Essential”. Essential will completely focus on high end hardware that will basically market low budgeted Android device all over world and chiefly in India.

In few days Essential will declare its first modular phone running on Android. According to Bloomberg, user can match their own accessories with the phone. The phone is gonna made up of ceramic material and earlier LG and Motorola has already tried but didn’t get the development done. In 2016 Google also canceled the modular mobile phone project. But the Essential will make the dream come true with new hardware product smartphone.

According to Bloomberg, “a platform company designed to tie multiple devices together, Essential is working on a suite of consumer hardware products, including ones for the mobile and smart home markets”.

The phone from Essential is to launch soon with 5.5 inches pressure sensitive screen. The border will be thin and have much slighter size then the iPhone 7 plus.  With the ceramic material body, the phone will have magnetic connector for charging. This will also allow linking other peripherals too. It’s gonna be a Hugh competition between iPhone, Google Pixel, Galaxy S series as the high-end OEM by Foxconn.

Past history say that Android One was Google plan and launch in 2014 but it is going to stage at 2017 with low price. Google CEO newly stated that Google will still manufacture inexpensive Android smartphones and ponder to instigate price of $30 models. Presently, the phone is tagged at $100 dollars but Google CEO Sander Picha said that the price will be low as possible to $30 for Indian market. If at such cheap price the company gonna provide high quality product than hopefully Google will release further dealing prospect. And Android OS will expand much better market share in India.

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